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Directory company Hibu cuts workers nationwide

The company behind the Yellow Book directories laid off workers Monday as part of a further shift from print to digital operations.

It was unclear how many the cuts were made in the Chicago region. The company acknowledged the layoffs but would not discuss numbers or locations affected.

Hibu’s office in King of Prussia, Penn., laid off about 100 workers, employees told the Times Herald.

Employees in hibu’s office in the Philippines will be trained to pick up some of the work currently being done in King of Prussia, the employee said.

“They’re more or less outsourcing our operation,” he said.

Another employee estimated about 200 people were laid off nationwide, including all workers involved in producing local print magazines and direct-marketing materials.

“Hibu continues to build the foundations for a new, highly competitive digital business, while also focusing on stabilizing and securing our core directories’ business,” the company said in a prepared statement.

“Regrettably, as part of this process we anticipate a reduction in our overall workforce, focused primarily in non-sales functions across our geographic operations. Consultation and actions in this regard have commenced today. No further details are being announced at this time.”

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