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Boeing venture rocket deal cleared by court

A joint venture involving Boeing Co. has been cleared to buy rocket engines from Russian suppliers.

United Launch Alliance, a venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin Corp., had been temporarily barred from buying rocket engines after SpaceX filed suit, claiming the deal violated U.S. sanctions against Russia.

“The U.S. Court of Federal Claims lifted the preliminary injunction on May 8, 2014. United Launch Alliance’s purchase of the RD-180 engines from our suppliers and partners, RD AMROSS and NPO Energomash, clearly complies with the sanctions against Russia,” United Launch Alliance said in a news release.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., billionaire Elon Musk’s company, filed a lawsuit Monday challenging the Air Force contract awarded to United Launch Alliance to supply 36 rockets to send national security equipment into space. Musk said his company could save the Air Force and taxpayers $300 million per launch.

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h/t The Wall Street Journal