WASHINGTON – The Obama and the Clinton presidential foundations are both hosting upcoming major summits on Chicago’s South Side, with Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton and Barack and Michelle Obama in the city for their events.

The 11th annual Clinton Global Initiative University runs Friday through Sunday on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park, with the three Clintons all speaking on Saturday afternoon. Bill Clinton will also speak on Friday and Sunday. His foundation is headquartered in New York.

The Obama Foundation, based in Chicago with offices in Washington and New York, is hosting its second annual summit on Nov. 18-19, with the main venue the same place as last year, the Marriott Marquis, 2121 S. Prairie Ave.

The foundations of both former Democratic presidents have a major focus in their Chicago events on civic engagement, training the next generation of leaders and creating global networks.

“Throughout the meeting, CGI U students will develop innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges including hurricane recovery, expanding civic participation, gun violence, and youth incarceration,” a Clinton Global Initiative release said.

On Sunday, the Clinton Global Initiative University participants will take part in Chicago area community service projects.

Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle will be attending their November summit as well as Obama administration officials .

The theme is “Common Hope. Uncommon Stories.”

The Obama summit will include the participants in the programs the foundation either launched in the past 12 months or bolstered: the Obama Foundation Fellows; Africa Leaders, Community Leadership Corps members, plus representatives of the Global Girls Alliance, which Mrs. Obama kicked off last week and My Brothers’ Keeper Alliance.

The Obama summit takes place as design work on the Obama Center in Jackson Park is continuing and as the Obama museum team is hunting for Obama artifacts and planning exhibits. The foundation also will “engage participants” to get their input on the center and museum.