Chicagoans already upset at the snow glazing the ground when they woke up Wednesday morning got even more upset when they arrived at their local train stations and realized the Chicago Transit Authority had shut off the heaters over the weekend.

In past years, the CTA kept the heaters on seasonally, between Nov. 1 and March 31.

At noon on Wednesday, the temperature at O’Hare was 31 degrees and the wind chill was 21 degrees, leading the National Weather Service to warn those in the Chicago area to bundle up. The normal average temperature for April 4 is 44 degrees.

Commuters quickly got mad online, but the CTA took notice and remedied the situation.

Yikes! April isn’t supposed to be this cold. We heard you and we agree: We’re keeping our rail station heaters on, and turning back on the ones we shut off, until it warms up a bit,” the transit agency tweeted Tuesday afternoon.  

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that complaining on social media doesn’t work.