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To our readers: A scoop on Sneed

For decades, Michael Sneed’s scoops have informed and entertained Sun-Times readers. As news consumption patterns change, her role is changing, too.

In Sunday’s editions, we’ll begin running Sneed under a new banner, “Sneed on Sunday.” This will be Sneed’s only set column of the week, occupying her usual space on page 4 and giving you everything you need to know about Chicago’s movers, shakers and the stories people are talking about.

The rest of the week, we’ll capitalize on Sneed’s strength — getting news first — whether it’s Mike Ditka being hospitalized or today’s item about a letter to a Chicagoan penned by the late President George H.W. Bush. We won’t wait a minute to post those scoops, running them both online and in print.

Some days, Sneed will even surprise us; she amassed so many items that she had a full column in Tuesday’s print editions.

Like the rest of us at the Sun-Times, Sneed is adapting to deliver you the news you need when you need it, and we’re hoping you continue to enjoy her work.

Chris Fusco