Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo, the officer who shot and killed Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones, shown during his civil trial. A jury at first awarded damages to the LeGrier family, but a judge wiped out that award because jurors also agreed Rialmo feared for his life at the time he fired the fatal shots. | Max Herman/For the Sun-Times

What’s taking Robert Rialmo case so long?

SHARE What’s taking Robert Rialmo case so long?
SHARE What’s taking Robert Rialmo case so long?

The Rialmo file . . .

Activist anti-gun priest Father Michael Pflegertweets . . .

“What’s going on with Police Officer Robert Rialmo? Yes, the police officer that killed Quintonio LeGrierand Bettie Jones.The decision was made to send his case to the Police Board to decide what action should be taken against him, and suddenly no one is hearing anything?”

The police file . . .

Why is it taking so long to decide embattled Chicago cop Rialmo’s future?

“If you look at the Chicago Police Board’s schedule, it’s scandalous,” said a Sneed source at the Chicago Police Board.


“I mean, consider this!

“There’s only one or two cases a month we are given when it comes to decisions on disciplining police officers!

“Huh? Only one or two a month [considering this city’s high murder rate] and nobody did anything wrong?”

Answer: “It’s true that on the average two to three cases go to hearing every month . . . and the board decides two to three cases a month,” said Chicago Police Board Executive Director Max Caproni.

“However, in officer Rialmo’s case, we are still awaiting formal charges to be filed with the Chicago Police Board by the city’s corporation counsel working with the Chicago police superintendent. No full hearing can be held until then,” Caproni said. “And no discipline can be imposed until charges are filed with the board.”

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The limbo file . . .

Rialmo tells his attorney,Joel Brodsky,who is on vacation overseas, he has been playing hockey at least twice a week and staying away from any possible confrontations in bars. “He’s still on desk duty,” said Brodsky. “What more can I say?”

A hotfoot for Lightfoot?

Mayoral hopeful Lori Lightfoot is getting ack-ack for “talk, but no action” in helping enact a two-term limit for Chicago’s mayor.

• To wit: Lightfoot is getting thwacked for her lack of footwork in facilitating a public referendum on mayoral term limits initiated months ago by former Gov. Pat Quinn (which could end Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s tenure in office), said John Holden, a consultant for mayoral opponent Paul Vallas, who supports the referendum.

• Translation: Lightfoot, who claims Chicago’s lack of mayoral term limits — the only large U.S. city that doesn’t have them — “has led to entrenched leaders,” is being hit for NOT getting in the trenches.

“Lori Lightfoot never returned phone calls to Pat Quinn to discuss the issue over the past couple months,” said Holden.

“Lightfoot also declined to be a part of a multi-candidate event at which all mayoral candidates would pledge to serve no more than two terms,” a source said.

“Finally, the Vallas campaign currently has a team of volunteers at the Chicago Board of Elections working to fight back challenges being thrown at them by Mayor Emanuel’s team, and the Lightfoot folks could be lending a hand,” Holden added.

The numbers game . . .

Sneed hears the Rahmster’s minions have challenged 30 percent of the 86,000-plus signatures on the mayoral term limits referendum collected by former Gov. Pat Quinn’s minions.

“But we’ve validated most of their challenges. We only need 52,357 to get it on the ballot,” said Quinn.

Stay tuned.

Bite ‘n sight. . .

Congrats to partners David Flom and Matthew Moore on Chicago Cut Steakhouse being the only restaurant in Chicago named one of the 100 most scenic restaurants in America by OpenTable.

Bon appetit!

Sneedlings . . .

I spy: Archie Manning — former New Orleans Saints quarterback/papa to NFL quarterbacks Peytonand Eli — at Harry Caray’s in Lombard on Wednesday. . . . Rosebud founder Alex Dana spotted hanging out/eating Italian treats with Joe “Grocery Store” Amabile of ABC’s the “Bachelor” fame at Taylor Street Festa Italiana over the weekend. . . . Today’s birthdays: Sofia Richie, 20; Dave Chappelle, 45; and Reggie Miller,53.

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