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We deny the latest climate change report at our own peril

Demonstrators in Paris on Oct. 18 call for global action to curb climate change. | AP Photo/Michel Euler

The comprehensive and well-sourced report on Climate Change, published by the federal government’s executive branch, paints an alarming picture of a threat that requires a strong response from every level of government. President Donald Trump and his science-denying no-nothings will scream “Fake News,” but if our country — and indeed the world — doesn’t get this issue right, nothing else will matter.

Mary F. Warren, Wheaton

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Elections, fundraisers and the Feds

We are witnessing the birth of a new Chicago tradition right before our eyes.  Knowing that campaign money can be used for legal defenses, Ald. Ed Burke joins Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown to become the second Chicago politician during an election season to hold a fundraiser days after the feds raided their offices.

Scot Sinclair, Third Lake

That “beautiful” wall

Walls go in and out of fashion. The Great Wall of China was built to keep people out. The Berlin Wall, to keep people in. And now there’s the current president’s folly: a “Beautiful Wall” to, once again, keep people out. A 20-foot wall topped with razor wire can only be “beautiful” in the eye of the beholder.

Paul Percak, Orland Park