My takeaway from the sickening shooting in Las Vegas is not so much that a deranged man decided to shoot innocent people enjoying a concert; but rather that scores of strangers decided to shield, aid and protect other strangers and also that countless people chose to stand in hours-long lines in the Las Vegas heat to donate blood for shooting victims.

Christine Craven, Evergreen Park 

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No government equals anarchy

The 2nd Amendment was incorporated into our Constitution at a time most of our Founding Fathers did not believe in a standing army.  A militia was deemed necessary in case the country faced belligerent enemies, both foreign and domestic.  We now, necessarily, have a standing army with little, if any, need for a militia.  And, despite a comment from a recent feedback, the country has always had folks who needed to be “controlled”.  That’s why we have laws and governments.  No government and no laws equal anarchy, which is what we may have now when it comes to gun violence.

Denny Gorecki, Orland Park

Trump the crass and clueless

Watching Donald Trump in Puerto Rico Tuesday I couldn’t help wonder if his indifference and vulgarity are the result of being so out of touch with the lower economic classes or being an unquestionably humorless lout. How cruel to tell a devastated people, who have lost everything, that their tragedy pales when compared to the losses incurred by the victims of Hurricane Katrina. What’s more, he joked poorly, coming to the aid of Puerto Rico will wreak havoc with his budget plans.

How utterly inhumane to even think in those terms, much less speak them aloud. But that’s our leader for you, always clueless when it comes to the plight of those less fortunate.

Can being wealthy be an excuse for being so thoughtless or mean-spirited? Don’t ask Trump.

Bob Ory, Elgin