It is unconscionable to me that any state would provide the information that Donald Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has requested.
I would like to go on record stating that my voting information in Illinois is private and should be protected and never be divulged to this commission.
How many more liberties do we have to give up under the Trump administration?

Dale May, River North

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Gov. Rauner’s tax hike resistance just a line from GOP playbook

When Gov. Bruce Rauner says, “I will always veto tax hikes without fundamental reform,” he is trying to play us for idiots. We know what his definition of “fundamental reform” is and we see how those actions are working — or, more accurately, not working — for our neighbors in Wisconsin.

The people of Illinois would be inclined to support our governor’s efforts if we felt he had some creative solutions to offer. Instead he just reads from the standard Republican playbook. The bottom line is he has shown he is not suited for this job and up to this challenge.

Don Anderson, Oak Park

Trump too focused on drama to be serious about North Korea

If President Trump were serious about forcing China to stop supporting North Korea and nuclear missile ambitions, he would 1) Impose a tariff on Chinese imports including GM & Ford cars and Steel; 2) Call them a currency manipulator and adjust the dollar accordingly; and 3) Impose sanctions on individuals, companies and doing business with North Korea.

Instead of blustering, finger pointing and meaningless Twitter threats, Trump should actually do something that gets results.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin