The last few months have been especially fun for the Cubs and their fans. After making a surprise postseason run, the team has reloaded with three big free agent signings positioning them for next season.

But it’s not just the fans who are giddy over the coming year. Reigning Cy Young winner and Cubs ace Jake Arrieta shared his pleasure on Twitter, and oh boy was he excited.

That’s a special level of detail for Arrieta to make sure he’s getting a “cubby blue” shade of lipstick. Fortunately, for Theo Epstein, Arrieta trimmed his beard earlier in the offseason, so it shouldn’t be as scratchy.

Arrieta, who is likely to get into contract talk with the Cubs pretty soon, watched as the team brought in the likes of Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist and John Lackey.

The Cubs’ ace isn’t the only player excited about the offseason moves. The team’s stars are clearly ready to get the season started.