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Oddsmakers weigh in on Cubs adding Alex Avila, Zach Britton

Orioles pitcher Zach Britton and Tigers catcher/first baseman Alex Avila. | Getty Images

With less than a week to go until the MLB trade deadline on July 31, the Cubs have been rumored to remain buyers in the trade market. The Cubs acquired pitcher Jose Quintana in a blockbuster deal with the White Sox on July 13. But reportedly, they are looking for additional pieces to push them toward another playoff berth.

One name that has surfaced in rumors has been Tigers catcher Alex Avila. He would fill a roster spot as an established backup catcher that Cubs have needed since Miguel Montero was cut in June. The former White Sox, who also plays first base, is hitting .280 with 11 home runs and 32 RBI. The oddsmakers at  MyTopSportsbooks.com give the Cubs the best shot, 4-to-1 odds, of pulling off the acquisition.


The Cubs also could use another arm to shore up the rotation. One name mentioned has been Orioles right-hander Zach Britton. The Cubs are the odds on second favorite (9-to-1) to land Britton behind the Nationals (8-to-1).


Overall, the oddsmakers remain optimistic about the Cubs returning to the World Series. The reigning champions are the third pick (6-to-1) on the board to return to the Fall Classic behind the Dodgers (7-to-4) and the Nationals (7-to-2). The White Sox remain a long shot at 200-to-1.

Here are the odds for which players will be dealt and who will acquire them:


Yonder Alonso,1B, Athletics
New York Yankees: 3/1
Los Angeles Angels: 9/1
FIELD: 3/1
Not traded: 3/2

Alex Avila, C/1B, Tigers
Chicago Cubs: 9/2
Colorado Rockies: 6/1
FIELD: 9/11
Not traded: 7/1

Josh Donaldson, 3B, Blue Jays
St. Louis Cardinals: 24/1
Los Angeles Angels: 33/1
FIELD: 13/1
Not traded: 1/6

Jed Lowrie, 2B, Athletics
Boston Red Sox: 7/3
FIELD: 13/7
Not traded: 13/7

Manny Machado, 3B/SS, Orioles
Boston Red Sox: 40/1
FIELD: 12/1
Not traded: 1/9


Zach Britton, RP, Orioles
Washington Nationals: 8/1
Cubs: 9/1
Los Angeles Dodgers: 12/1
FIELD: 7/2
Not traded: 1/1

Yu Darvish, SP, Rangers
Colorado Rockies: 8/1
New York Yankees: 8/1
Kansas City Royals: 9/1
FIELD: 6/1
Not traded: 7/8

Sonny Gray, SP, Athletics
Houston Astros: 5/1
Milwaukee Brewers: 11/2
Colorado Rockies: 6/1
FIELD: 2/1
Not traded: 4/1

Justin Verlander, SP, Tigers
Colorado Rockies: 7/1
FIELD: 15/4
Not traded: 1/2

Justin Wilson, RP, Tigers
Washington Nationals: 6/1
Colorado Rockies: 7/1
Los Angeles Dodgers: 7/1
FIELD: 24/25
Not traded: 9/1



Brandon Belt, 1B, Giants
New York Yankees: 5/1
FIELD: 6/1
Not traded: 3/7

Jay Bruce, OF, Mets
Seattle Mariners: 18/1
Los Angeles Dodgers: 19/1
FIELD: 13/4
Not traded: 1/2

 Dee Gordon, 2B, Marlins
Los Angeles Angels: 19/1
Kansas City Royals: 19/1
FIELD: 9/1
Not traded: 1/4

Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pirates
Los Angeles Dodgers: 15/1
Seattle Mariners: 19/1
Kansas City Royals: 21/1
FIELD: 10/1
Not traded: 2/7


Trevor Cahill, SP, Padres
Houston Astros: 9/1
Kansas City Royals: 9/1
New York Yankees: 9/1
Atlanta Braves: 10/1
FIELD: 1/1
Not traded: 8/1

Johnny Cueto, SP, Giants
Colorado Rockies: 9/1
New York Yankees: 10/1
FIELD: 15/4
Not traded: 2/3

Brad Hand, RP, Padres
Tampa Bay Rays: 8/1
Los Angeles Dodgers: 9/1
Boston Red Sox: 9/1
Houston Astros: 19/2
Washington Nationals: 12/1
FIELD: 5/4
Not traded: 19/1

Pat Neshek, RP, Phillies
Boston Red Sox: 5/1
Los Angeles Dodgers: 8/1
Tampa Bay Rays: 8/1
Washington Nationals: 8/1
Milwaukee Brewers: 9/1
FIELD: 7/3
Not traded: 9/1


Houston Astros: 5/2
Boston Red Sox: 9/2
Cleveland Indians: 13/2
New York Yankees: 7/1
Kansas City Royals: 19/1
Minnesota Twins: 24/1
Tampa Bay Rays: 24/1
Seattle Mariners: 33/1
Los Angeles Angels: 35/1
Texas Rangers: 40/1
Toronto Blue Jays: 40/1
Baltimore Orioles: 50/1
Detroit Tigers: 66/1
Oakland Athletics: 175/1
Chicago White Sox: 200/1

Los Angeles Dodgers: 7/4
Washington Nationals: 7/2
Chicago Cubs: 6/1
Arizona Diamondbacks: 10/1
Colorado Rockies: 14/1
Milwaukee Brewers: 15/1
St. Louis Cardinals: 33/1
Pittsburgh Pirates: 50/1
Atlanta Braves: 100/1
New York Mets: 100/1
Cincinnati Reds: 500/1
Miami Marlins: 500/1
San Diego Padres: 750/1
San Francisco Giants: 1000/1
Philadelphia Phillies: 3000/1