The Chicago Teachers Union formally endorsed Gov. Pat Quinn on Friday as the National Federation of Independent Business gave a nod to Republican candidate Bruce Rauner.

CTU President Karen Lewis — also a possible contender for Chicago mayor — blasted Rauner on Friday as out of touch and a threat to unions while applauding Quinn for laying out a five-year budget blueprint for education in Illinois.

 “I am proud CTU’s rank-and-file has made Governor Quinn their choice to lead Illinois. He is a consensus builder, will support public school educators and will continue his work to strengthen public education in Illinois and protect working families,” Lewis said. ”Governor Quinn believes in public schools and I know he will fight to make sure every child has a great education.”

Meanwhile, the National Federation of Independent Business announced it was backing Rauner, citing his “business savvy,” as Rauner criticized the Quinn administration as being unwelcome to small business. 

“NFIB proudly endorses Bruce Rauner for Governor,” said Kim Maisch, NFIB Illinois State Director. “Bruce’s business savvy and entrepreneurial instincts will help move Illinois’ economy in the right direction, and we know in a Rauner Administration small business ideas and opinions will be sought, will be heard and will be appreciated.”