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Van Gundy talks Thibodeau and Bulls

The Jeff Van Gundy coaching tree has some serious branches growing on it.

Both Tom Thibodeau and Charlotte’s Steve Clifford spent time under the tutelage of Van Gundy in New York, as well as All-Star player turned long-time assistant coach Patrick Ewing.

Pistons head coach, and Jeff’s brother, Stan Van Gundy?

His tree has a lot less foliage on it.

“I certainly don’t have a tree,’’ Van Gundy said Monday. “My brother may have a tree. Steve and Tom both worked for him at the start. Patrick Ewing … He’s got a tree with a few very successful branches. I don’t have a tree. I’m simply trying to get my own tree to grow a little bit.’’

And if it grows close to the program that Thibodeau has established with the Bulls, the older of the Van Gundy brothers would be thrilled.

“Look, this team defends, rebounds and executes on the offensive end,’’ Stan Van Gundy said of the Bulls. “What more do you want? This is one of the best coached teams in the league, night in and night out. They’re thoroughly prepared, they play hard every night, they play together, and they have some of the best competitors in this league.’’