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Watch: Charles Barkley doubles down on his Ferguson comments

Charles Barkley isn’t backing away from recent comments in which he called rioters in Ferguson, Mo., “scumbags.”

In an interview with CNN that will air Wednesday, the NBA hall of famer and basketball analyst said the black community needs to look itself in the mirror.

“We as black people, we have a lot of crooks. We can’t just wait until something like (the Brown shooting) happens. We have to look at ourselves in the mirror,” he said of people in black communities. “There is a reason that they racially profile us in the way they do. Sometimes it is wrong, and sometimes it is right.”

Barkley said the country never discusses race “until something bad happens.”

“Everybody has a tribe mentality,” he said. “Everybody wants to protect their own tribe, whether they’re right or wrong.”

Watch a segment of the interview below:

In previous comments on a Philadelphia radio station, Barkley said the Ferguson looters aren’t “real black people.”

“[Those expletives] who are looting, those aren’t real black people, those are scumbags. Real black people, they’re not out there looting. I just watched a great story on CNN where bunch of folks wouldn’t let them burn down an establishment, it was a great story…. But unfortunately, the way the media portrays a lot of black people, we only put the negative black people on television. We don’t put the good hard-working black people. That’s what I said and that’s what I meant. There’s a perception amongst some black people that if you’re not a thug or a hood rat, you don’t wear your pants down by your [expletive] you’re not black enough. And they’re always holding us back, plain and simple. And I a’int shutting up and I a’int backing down.”