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How your favorite chains serve 2,000 calories

It could be five different things off the menu, or just one.

The New York Times put together 2,000 calorie meals at the country’s favorite chains, places like McDonalds, Subway, Maggiano’s, Olive Garden and more. At some places, you can get your fill of calories (not to mention days worth of sodium, fat or sugar) in one dish.

Those one-dish bombs are easy to avoid, once you know about them.

What is really scary is that there are places like Chicago newcomer Shake Shack, where what some may find to be a reasonable amount of food for lunch or dinner actually has enough calories to be your whole day’s sustenance. At Shake Shack, a double cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake will do it for you. An indulgent lunch like that probably still wouldn’t keep you full for an entire day.

Scroll all the way through the menu, though– you’ll see that eating at home, even realistic eating at home (including cheese, wine, bread and cookies) takes a lot more food to hit the 2,000 mark. It’s a worthwhile lesson to learn.