Scott Walker brags about wearing $1 Kohl’s sweater in New Hampshire

SHARE Scott Walker brags about wearing $1 Kohl’s sweater in New Hampshire

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner may have his $18 watch, but in a “which Republican is cheaper” contest, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has Rauner beat.

Walker was speaking in front of hundreds of top Republican activists in New Hampshire over the weekend, Walker tried to set himself apart from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush ahead of a potential 2016 matchup.

Bush’s wife has spent $40,000 on jewelry in one day, so Walker made sure to point out that he’s much more frugal when it comes to fashion.

Not only does he shop at Kohl’s, but he bragged about how the sweater he was wearing only cost him $1, according to The Boston Globe.

If you’ve ever shopped at Kohl’s, you know that it’s the store that generally always has a sale. Take a clearance item, apply a 15 percent off coupon with some Kohl’s Cash, and on the surface, Walker’s claim isn’t totally outrageous.

And when it comes to Kohl’s, Walker has learned his lesson. In January, he told a story about how he once paid — gasp — full price for a Kohl’s sweater.

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