Sleepy after time change? 4 foods to boost your energy

SHARE Sleepy after time change? 4 foods to boost your energy
SHARE Sleepy after time change? 4 foods to boost your energy

PHOTO: Love that we get an extra hour of daylight; not so crazy about losing an hour of sleep.  |  STEPHAN SAVOIA~AP

The good news when we set our clocks forward on Sunday is that now our days are longer.

The bad news is that the first workday after that happens — today — we are sooo tired. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten enough sleep the night after this time change. (Not that I’m unhappy it’s here; I am so ready for more daylight hours. But I digress.)

Today you need something to rev up your energy engine. But that does not mean an energy drink.

(This is me if you tell me you want an energy drink: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,!!!!)

The high sugar content in the majority of them spikes your blood sugar (some have as much sugar as a can of soda, BTW). So your energy goes way up and then it crashes down. It’s like your blood sugar is on a roller coaster.  Don’t do that to yourself.

There are foods that will give you a natural energy boost. But it will happen more gradually, so you avoid that up-and-down effect.

Here are four options to naturally up your energy and get you through your workday today. Give them a try:

Water: Tiredness and dehydration go hand in hand. Don’t have another cup of coffee; instead, drink water regularly today (and well, every day). It will perk you up.


Don’t let the gorgeous ring distract you. The point

is to drink your water.  |  BERNAT ARMANGUE~AP

Oranges: Drooping before that morning meeting? Oranges are rich in vitamin C, as well all know, but also full of energy-rich fiber. But make sure it’s the whole fruit, not a glass of OJ, you’re having. (You miss out on the fiber when that orange is in juice form.)


 Eat an orange, don’t drink it.  | RIC FRANCIS~AP

Spinach: This is a good day for lunch to be a spinach salad. The leafy green has a generous amount of vitamin C. It’s full of nutrients too, which can bring back your energy.


Let spinach be the main ingredient for a salad today. 

Almonds: The copper and manganese in these little protein powerhouses keeps energy flowing through your cells. Have some at your desk to avoid that 3 p.m. trip to the vending machine.


Take almonds along for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Salmon: Omega-3 fats are known to improve the energy levels. Salmon is awash in them, making it a good dinner choice today. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s fresh or canned.


Fresh or canned, salmon can be

dinner in no time.  |  MATTHEW MEAD~AP

FYI, a little stroll outside at lunchtime will energize you as well.

And tonight, skip or DVR the late-night talk shows. You need to let your body readjust to the time change. Get some sleep and you’ll feel a lot better tomorrow.

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