Sunday Letters: Pope learned lesson from Galileo

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It’s no surprise Pope Francis accepts the findings of climate scientists, recognizes the dangers of climate change and gives it moral significance.

The Roman Catholic Church learned its lesson after it condemned Galileo for teaching the scientific fact that the Earth revolves around the sun, which is contrary to Scripture.

The pope will never convince some religious people who still believe faith trumps science, nor will he convince the Republican politicians who pander to them. These are the people who need to be convinced if anything is to be done in the Republican-controlled Congress about climate change. There is an additional obstacle – Republicans believe the demands of the market always trump moral issues.

Bob Barth, Edgewater

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Tired of Rauner TV ads

The election season is long over and yet we are being subjected to incessant and mindless propaganda commercials from our governor. He is all too typical of the modern politician who loves the game of politics and campaigning but does not know how to govern. Look it up, Gov. Rauner: The very essence of governing in a democracy is compromise, not vendetta and posturing. Is it too early for a recall vote to rectify the huge mistake voters made electing a man who believes in tough love: love for the 1 percent and tough for everyone else?

Edward Juillard, Morgan Park

Racism and fear not going away

Racism, fear and hatred of the other are not going away any time soon. Gun control is not possible. Therefore, in the most obvious prediction ever, this cycle of death, mourning,useless words about healing and prevention, followed by calls for death for the perpetratorwill continue indefinitely. That is life in this bloodthirsty country.

Michael Hart, West Ridge

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