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Chris Coghlan had a historically impressive day

A good baseball team needs contributions from as many people as possible. Sunday, it was utility outfielder Chris Coghlan’s turn.

Coghlan and the Cubs played their final game against the Phillies Sunday. Hitting in the three hole, Coghlan hit a first inning triple and would be knocked home two batters later.

In his next at bat Coghlan repeated his performance and hit another triple. However, he was left stranded.

To top it all off, Coghlan went a step further in his third at bat with a home run.

Coghlan would finish 4-5, adding a single to the mix. Unfortunately, all of Coghlan’s work at the plate wasn’t enough for the Cubs. They fell 7-4 to Philadelphia to split the series.

A performance like Coghlan’s on Sunday hasn’t happened in more than a half century. The last Cubs player to hit a pair of triples and a home run in the same day was Roy Smalley in 1950.