Beat the Champs: Section 2, including scores

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Jose Rivera nailed down the men’s side of the Section 2 sectional of Beat the Champions Sunday at Town Hall Bowl in Cicero with a scratch 714. It wasn’t the wooden lanes that concerned Ruby Shaffer, but being on lanes in front of the doors. She was concerned enough about the cold on her legs that she asked to move.

“I am glad they didn’t change me,’’ said the retiree from Bellwood, who led all women with a 745, including 164 pins of handicap. She advanced from Hillside Bowl.


This is the extended online version of the Sun-Times story, including photos.

Seven men and six women advanced to the finals, where a 2015 Ford Fiesta from Local Ford Stores is the top prize for both the men’s and woman’s champion.

“It was an inside shot,’’ said Rivera, a truck driver from Lyons who advanced from Forest Lanes. “That helped a lot.’’

So did having his daughter Brianna, 10, along as a good luck charm.

As to the wood lanes, he said, “I am used to bowling wooden lanes. As they dried out, the better it is. There was a hole in the middle.’’

“I grew up on wood,’’ said Jason McReady, who rolled 711 with 81 pins of handicap for second. The Microsoft manager from Minooka grew up bowling at the old Suburban Lanes in Oak Park.

“The shot changed, it got squirrelly after practice, but once I settled in, it was fine,’’ said, Ryan Mejdrich, a UPS pricing analyst from Elgin who finished fourth.

“I am old codger, I didn’t think I had a chance, but when I saw the wood lanes, I said, `I have a chance, because I have bowl at Striker [Lanes],’ ‘’ Joe Corna, a recent retiree from Elmwood Park who finished fifth.

Kathleen McCarthy, a retiree from Evergreen Park, summed up the feeling of many of reaching the finals, “I am still in shock. I can’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it when I got the first letter [and made sectionals].’’

Other women advancing were Janis Dickerson, a pollution control tech from Worth; Tiffany Bradley, a bill collector from Chicago; Geraldine Cubie, a retiree from Broadview; and Linda Scaletta of South Elgin.

Also advancing on the men’s side were Livio Dalessandro, a HVAC worker from Bloomingdale; Ricardo Rivera, an Addison man who worked at recently burned Sound Studio recording studio; and Clint Verge, a retiree from Bellwood.

Sectionals continue next weekend for BTC, the charity bowling event cosponsored for 54 years by the Sun-Times and the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association. League bowlers advancing to sectionals should have been notified by the CBPA.

The big number in BTC is solid as wood: the $2,793,600.36 raised for charity by more than 5.7 million entries in the first 53 years of BTC.

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Sunday’s Results

Section 2 Sectional

At Town Hall Bowl, Cicero

(Top seven men and six women, pendingverificiation, advance to the finals)


Ruby Shaffer, Hillside 180-224-217-124–745

Janis Dickerson, Town Hall 177-205-268-54–704

Tiffany Bradley, Hillside 192-158-202-143–695

Geraldine Cubie, Town Hall 157-135-185-186–663

Kathleen McCarthy, Woodridge 167-130-135-218–650

Linda Scaletta, Stardust 165-165-171-145–646

Lisa Karides, Rolling 151-200-170-118–639

Sonia Ramos, Town Hall 135-148-142-205–630

Zephrya Freeman, Forest 162-237-224-0–623

Elizabeth Kirley, Circle 153-142-158-170–623

Patti Mcvickers, Suburbanite 134-205-161-118–618

Lori Mitchell, Willowbrook 177-194-138-108–617

Annette Zuege, Elk Grove 140-136-125-216–617

Barbara Basco, Stardust 132-105-136-243–616

Darlene Lanham, Rolling 169-120-129-197–615

Pat Klug, Woodridge 117-101-192-202–612

Lorrie Delair, Willowbrook 161-186-133-129–609

Jaquenette Banks, Hillside 165-186-193-59–603

Deloris Lee, Hillside 145-137-215-102–599

Mary Arsinow, Wood Dale 127-155-162-153–597

Marilyn Sadlo, Rolling 109-134-116-237–596

Beth Raftery, Rolling 137-155-127-172–591

Joyce Strzelczyk, Rolling 183-141-203-64–591

Marie Villa, Forest 160-120-100-207–587

Caroline Rhone, Hillside 160-152-143-132–587

Paula McCaleb, Circle 141-93-130-218–582

Paula Silva, Forest 157-154-191-78–580

Mandy Davis, Elk Grove 182-149-163-83–577

Linda Bronsberg, Forest 144-123-129-172–568

Patricia Hoyt, Stardust 109-121-131-207–568

Angelica Rodriguez, River Grove 149-164-109-132–554

Carmen Metoyer, River Grove 131-152-117-152–553

Patrice Turner, Striker 133-161-157-99–550

Vicki Guadagno, Wood Dale 173-167-199-10–549

Cynthia Flowers, Striker 80-110-127-226–543

Christina Sirianni, Rolling 144-105-113-172–534

Patrice Tramil-Wilson, River Grove 125-198-130-78–531

Donna Imel, Elk Grove 121-104-136-167–528

Angela Sundt, Hillside 86-95-103-243–527

Nancy Hammock, Willowbrook 190-104-89-243-526

Juanita Vargas, Striker 81-107-95-243–526

Laura Hemesath, River Grove 134-160-137-91–522

Florence Smith, Town Hall 107-124-126-159–516

Angela Norton, Willowbrook 132-135-121-126–514

Oriana Northrip, Hillside 122-159-139-83–503

Tracey Beesley , Elk Grove 90-75-98–234–497

Sue Niedzwiecki, Wood Dale 102-129-106-151-488

Alex Kramer, Willowbrook 74-68-75–243–460


Jose Rivera, Forest 269-201-244-0–714

Jason McReady, Suburbanite 199-215-216-81–711

Livio Dalessandro, Woodridge 192-247-206-43–688

Ryan Mejdrich, Stardust 188-280-215-0–683

Joe Corna, Striker 181-160-191-143–675

Ricardo Rivera, River Grove 177-254-230-8–669

Clint Verge, Town Hall 210-208-171-78–667

Darrell West, Hillside 174-180-257-48–659

Bill Mudd , Forest 224-221-209-0–654

Hank Dziewior , River Grove 225-168-221-29–643

Michael Marino, Elk Grove 231-229-179-0–639

Al Navarro, Rolling 177-170-223-62–632

Ed Beauregard, Forest 172-235-224-0–631

Brad Skul, Woodridge 158-197-222-54–631

Nicholas Bezinovich, Circle 169-259-191-8–627

Edwin Malave, Stardust 183-202-242-0–627

Steve Zachwieja, Wood Dale 199-198-204-24–625

Parris Faulkner , Town Hall 200-187-212-24–623

Anthony Monroe, Hillside 183-184-167-89–623

Wayne Simons, Stardust 141-166-175-140–622

Patrick Metoyer, River Grove 161-225-232-0–618

Mick Mrowiec, River Grove 174-148-219-75–616

Adam Forth, Wood Dale 241-182-148-37–608

Theodore Milo, Forest 159-189-257-0–605

John Carlson, Hillside 179-182-230-13–604

Joshua Coutbe, Circle 186-155-165-97–603

James Scott Mcilrath, Willowbrook 146-212-227-16–601

Wally Hurley, Stardust 197-157-165-78–597

Tom Connole, Willowbrook 158-157-170-110–595

Joseph Salemi, Circle 193-180-112-110-595

Ken Kayser, Rolling 137-231-201-21–590

Roderick Kirkwood, Hillside 206-181-187-16–590

Jeremy Bertosa, Striker 193-182-205-5–585

Anatol Denysenko, Rolling 182-208-185-10–585

Nicholas Surowiecki, Rolling 111-169-157-148–585

Tommy Eukovich, Striker 185-159-231-8–583

Michael Kay, Stardust 156-225-178-24–583

George Vozari, Stardust 198-183-200-0–581

Jeff Pouliot, Suburbanite 181-208-143-48–580

Ron Norton, Hillside 191-175-139-72–577

Noah O’Daniel, Town Hall 189-148-147-94–578

Tony Barile, Elk Grove 176-166-234-0–576

Karl Williams, Hillside 153-199-173-51–576

Ken Hammond, Willowbrook 107-177-152-137–573

Mark Sodoma, Rolling 129-171-145-116–561

Raymond Jones, Town Hall 134-121-143-162–560

David Kretz, Elk Grove 168-122-168-99–557

Matthew Dombrowski, Willowbrook 166-155-152-81–554

Robert Blatter, Hillside 221-149-159-16-545

Robert Loos, Willowbrook 144-137-140-124–545

Willie Buie, Hillside 165-151-178-45–539

Don Schuster, Wood Dale 159-166-213-0–538

Ricardo Aguilar, Striker 142-171-138-78-529

James Gallagher, Suburbanite 173-180-139-35–527

Richard Houda, Striker 170-145-145-62–522

Dan Morris, Elk Grove 142-156-166-51–515

Bill Kupfer, Suburbanite 122-160-131-99–512

Larry Cekal, Rolling 129-139-147-97–512

Shawn Totton, River Grove 227-155-125-0–507

Edward Tumamg, Suburbanite 193-135-173-0–501

Mike Cavalco, Suburbanite 140-150-159-5–454

Remaining sectionals

Saturday: Section 3, Bluebird Lanes, Chicago, 11 a.m.

Sunday: Section 4/Will county, Centennial Lanes, Tinley Park (women 10 a.m., men 1:30 p.m.)


Men: Mardi Gras Lanes, DeKalb, noon March 1

Women: Elk Grove Bowl, Elk Grove Village, noon March 8

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