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Lake County, Ind., councilman seeks federal probe in jail death

Jamal Washington, a Lake County, Ind., councilman, wants a federal investigation of a jail death in the northwest Indiana county.

A councilman in Lake County, Indiana, is calling for a federal investigation into a man’s death at the county’s jail.

Lake County Councilman Jamal Washington also wants the public release of a video of jail employees restraining and stunning 39-year-old Gregory Thomas Smith before his March 2015 death from cardiac arrest.

According to Washington, the video shows corrections officers pushing Smith to the floor and holding him down as he pleads for help and complains he can’t breathe.

Smith’s family is suing the county over his death, which came after he was arrested for speeding.

Sheriff John Buncich declined to comment other than to say a judge has ordered the video sealed and that the Justice Department is aware of Smith’s death.