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John Fox ‘wins’ dumb replay challenge, social media reacts

John Fox can't win for winning. His overturned replay challenge against the Packers cost the Bears the ball and possibly a win. (Getty Images)

When Bears running back Benny Cunningham ran toward the end zone in the second quarter against the Packers and reached out his hands with the football to try and get inside the pylon, the referees ruled on the field that Cunningham had gone out of bounds at about the 2-yard line.

At regular speed, it was a difficult call to make for anyone.

But when the first replays were shown, it was clear that Cunningham had actually lost control of the ball before ever getting to the pylon, which meant that if he DID stay inbounds, then it would be ruled a fumble and the ball would go over to the Packers as a touchback.

After getting advice from his replay staff, Bears coach John Fox threw the challenge flag in the hopes of getting a touchdown and not having to try and score from two yards out. Fox admitted after the game that the touchback possibility never came up during his discussions with his replay crew.


Sure enough, the referees agreed with Fox that Cunningham did stay inbounds and fumbled the ball through the end zone, which makes it a touchback.

For a coach already on the hot seat, things turned white-hot on social media.

Even the Chicago Bears team twitter account recognized Fox’s foibles.

The Bears ended up losing by a touchdown to the Packers, 23-16, and raising more questions about Fox’s future. With the loss, Fox drops to 12-29 (.292) with the Bears. Only Abe Gibron 11-30-1 (.268) has been worse in the history of the franchise.