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Neo-Futurists new late-night show has ‘Infinite’ possibilities

The cast of "The Infinite Wrench" includes: (back row, left to right): Tif Harrison,Trevor Dawkins, Kirsten Riiber, Dan Kerr-Hobert and Jeewon Kim. (Front, left to right) Bilal Dardai, Nick Hart, Leah Urzendowski, Kurt Chiang, Dan Kerr-Hobert, Lily Mooney, Malic White and Ida Cuttler | Photo by Joe Mazza/Brave Lux

“The Infinite Wrench” is the name for the new late-night show at The Neo-Futurists in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, it was announced today.

Performances begin March 3 at The Neo-Futurarium, 5153 N. Ashland.

“We’re changing our show’s name, but we are still The Neo-Futurists,” said the troupe’s artistic director Kurt Chiang in a statement. “We are making new work at a fast weekly clip, and those plays tell our honest first-person perspectives through chance, risk and speed. We’ll continue to welcome sold-out audiences around the block to our shows every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 50 weekends of the year, every year.”

The new show replaces the long-running and now-defunct “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind,” the casualty of an announcement last November in which that show’s creator Greg Allen, declared his intention to pull the production from the Chicago company he founded and nurtured until leaving its ensemble four years ago. “Too Much Light” had been Chicago’s longest-running late-night production.

Tickets for the new productio are $9 plus the roll of one six-sided die ($10-15; cash only) at the door; or $20 in advance (with a $1-6 cash rollback), available online at