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Bears predictions: Week 9 vs. Bills

Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky travels to Buffalo to play the Bills on Sunday. | Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ Week 9 game Sunday at the Bills:


Bears, 27-10

Short of a Snowmaggedon in Orchard Park, New York, it’s hard to see how the Bears don’t blow out the Bills, who will start Nathan Peterman at quarterback. Having to use Mr. Peterman is a cry for help — and a cry for an epic snowstorm. Season: 5-2.


Bears, 28-17

The Bears didn’t do well in the Florida heat against the Dolphins. Here’s hoping there’s no blizzard in Orchard Park, so Mitch Trubisky and pals can feel comfortable up there. If he plays, Khalil Mack should feel like feasting on whatever the Bills throw out on offense. Season: 5-2.


Bears, 24-6

This might be close at halftime, and the Bills’ defense should give Trubisky some problems, but the Bears should win this game. Season: 4-3.


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Bears, 20-9

J. Peterman would have a better chance of beating the Bears, and he’d probably show up to the stadium in a stylish urban sombrero. It combines the spirit of old Mexico with a little big-city panache, after all. Season: 5-2.


Bears, 20-13

With a chance to win decisively or lose outright against a struggling Bills team on the road, the improving Bears will fall right in the middle and settle for another small step forward. Season: 6-1.