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Mr. Nice Guy: Jay Cutler shows signs of humanity on a feel-good ‘Very Cavallari’

Kristin Cavallari samples the cake made for her by husband Jay Cutler and their kids on "Very Cavallari." | E!

“I’m shocked at how nice Jay is being. This is not standard. This is not typical by any means.” — Kristin Cavallari, expressing surprise her husband Jay Cutler is being reasonably polite to their dinner guests.

Backwards baseball cap?


Flannel shirt?


Mild interest in the events at hand?


That’s our Jay.

From episode to episode of “Very Cavallari,” we never know when we’re going to get our first Jay Cutler sighting — but the suspense ends early in Episode Seven, titled “New York State of Mind.” We’re only about five minutes into the action when we see K-Cav and J-Cut in the kitchen of their Nashville mansion.

Kristin is prepping dinner. Jay is sitting down, watching Kristin prepping dinner.

Jay: “Wanna drink?”

Kristin: “Yeah, what are you having?”

Jay: “Heart medicine.”

It’s that wacky sense of humor that keeps the relationship humming — and made Jay such a popular figure with the Chicago sports media, cough-cough.


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Aug. 5: Jay Cutler talks to pals about goats, his vasectomy

So Kirstin and Jay are hosting Kristin’s friend Kelly and Kelly’s new love interest, Matt, aka “The Canadian,” who is visiting Kelly for the second time.

“Can you just be … nice to the Canadian?” says Kristin.

Jay: “Does he have a name? I feel like I should learn his name.”

“Matt,” says Kristin. “But you should just call him the Canadian.”

Back to dinner prep. Jay tries to help out. Jay sets a dish towel on fire. Thank for the help, Jay.

Kelly and the Canadian arrive, and the four of them sit down for dinner. Each has a plate with a giant hunk of meat and a few pieces of asparagus, and that’s it. They’ve also got drinks and utensils, but how about some placemats or napkins, kids?

“Matt, what do you do in old Canada?” says Jay, proving he can be quite the interested and engaged conversationalist.

The Canadian says he’s going to school to become a firefighter. He says firefighters have a lot of down time, and he’s got a cabin in, well, Canada, where he can do nothing.

Jay says he’s all about doing nothing, and he’d totally be up for a trip to the Canadian’s Canadian cabin.

One possible obstacle: Kristin isn’t sure Kelly really, really likes the Canadian, and she says as much to Jay after the their guests have departed.

“I almost feel like that’s selfish,” says Jay. “You stalk him down, you get him to fly all the way here, and all of sudden you’re not into him? That’s a selfish move.”

Meanwhile, we’re a week away from the opening of Kristin’s Uncommon James store, Shannon the social media director is frustrating K-Cav with her lack of initiative, one of K-Cav’s friends might be getting engaged and another might be breaking up, and …

Ah. Don’t care! All that much.

Just five days before the store opening, Kristin has to jet off to New York City to promote her cookbook, “True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen with More Than 100 Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar,” and let’s just take a moment to acknowledge this woman certainly has parlayed that whole “Laguna Beach” thing into a multi-faceted career.

The publicity tour includes a stop at Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show. Jenny, whose hair is blue, asks Kristin, who is wearing a leather jacket, what a “typical disagreement” is like between K-Cav and J-Cut.

“He can just be a little s— at times,” says Kristin.

Back to Nashville. Jay is tending to some new baby chicks when Kristin comes in, talks about how nervous she is about whether book will make the New York Times best seller list — and calls her publisher to get the scoop.

She’s No. 3!

“I’ll take that,” says Kristin.

Stay-at-home dad Jay brings in a cake he made with the kids (who are not appearing on the show, per their parents’ decision).

First he was nice to the Canadian, now this! Points for Jay.

Episode 7 ends on the eve of the Uncommon James store opening — and by the looks of the coming attractions for Episode 8, things do NOT go perfectly.

Maybe Jay can step in and fix whatever’s broken.