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So pathetic that it takes the Feds to clean up Springfield

It shouldn’t take federal investigations to fix a rotten political system that continually undermines the public trust.

The Illinois House of Representatives. Associated Press

Springfield’s legislative leadership is proposing ethics reform.

About time and long overdue.

It shouldn’t take federal investigation to fix a rotten political system that continually undermines the public trust and robs taxpayers of their hard-earned money.

Empowering the inspector general with full powers is definitely a useful tactic, but that’s only a small fraction of the reforms needed. More can be done to minimize corruption in Illinois government.

Banning or creating guidelines on outside employment, requiring legislators to focus full time on their constituents, would be commonsense reform.

The voters also would benefit from term limits for all public officials.

Froy Jiménez, Pilsen

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Teacher pay for striking?

I don’t understand the anger over the fact that Chicago Public Schools agreed to add five days to the school year calendar to partially make up for the 11 days the teachers were on strike.

Some people seem to think the strikers will be paid for the days they were on strike. No, they will be paid for teaching, which is their job, on those five days.

It is interesting that while the teachers were striking, opponents of the strike were up in arms about the precious lost days of instruction for children. But now that the strike is over, adding days back to the schedule to make up for those that were lost is apparently of no value whatsoever.

Steve Cohen, Evanston

Bears offense nonexistent

Everyone is quick to find fault with Chicago Bears kickers, whether it be Cody Parkey or Eddie Pieniero. But should the outcome of a game come down to a single field goal?

Where is the offense that should be scoring touchdowns?

Daniel M. Filipek, Mount Prospect