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(Revised) Bobcat harvest in Illinois is steady: Third season stays under limit

A bobcat stalking prey in a photo from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
Credit: Steven Wayne Rotsch/Painet Inc.

REVISED: After discussions with Illinois Department of Natural Resources staff, here is a rewording of bobcat harvest and salvage for the last two seasons.

From those lucky 1,000 who drew a permit for the 2018-19 bobcat season, the third in modern Illinois, 343 306 bobcats were harvested with 37 salvaged. That was well under the limit of 375 for the ’18-19 season.

That is up slightly from compares to the 318 harvested and 40 salvaged during the second season in ’17-18.

To salvage or harvest a bobcat, you must be one of the fortunate permittees.

Click here for a breakdown of the second modern season. Click here for a breakdown of the initial modern season.

Here is the word from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources on the third season:

Illinois Bobcat Preliminary Harvest for 2018-19 Season: Hunters and trappers in Illinois with 2018-19 Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Season permits harvested a preliminary total of 343 bobcats. The 2018-19 Illinois bobcat season was open from Nov. 10, 2018 until Feb. 15, 2019, and 1,000 permits were issued to hunters and trappers for the season. The harvest limit for the 2018-19 season was 375 bobcats.

Hunters and trappers apply for permits for the bobcat season online through the IDNR website during the month of September.

For a table with 2018-19 Illinois bobcat season preliminary harvest totals by open county, go to the IDNR website: