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Hynes slams Quinn in advance of Quinn announcement

Below, from the Hynes campaign….

New Entrants in Race for Governor: The 2 Pat Quinns

Wide gulf between what Quinn says versus what Quinn does

CHICAGO – In advance of Pat Quinn’s campaign announcement tour, the Dan Hynes for Governor campaign released the following report, entitled “Pat Quinn: A Study in Contrasts.”

Campaign communications director Matt McGrath explains:

“Which Pat Quinn will be on display at campaign events across Illinois: the one who said ‘You don’t want to raise taxes on ordinary people in a recession,’ or the one who is pushing to raise taxes by 50 percent on middle class families during the worst economic period since the Great Depression? On issue after issue, including those that matter most to securing the future of Illinois, Pat Quinn says one thing and does another. Please enjoy our report, ‘Pat Quinn: A Study in Contrasts.'”