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Melissa Joan Hart, Louis Vito exit the 'Dancing with the Stars' ballroom

Okay, so I was half-right…. Melissa Joan Hart did indeed exit the ballroom Tuesday night on “Dancing With the Stars,” as I predicted Monday. I had also predicted that Michael Irvin would be heading for the locker room because he is saddled with a partner who cannot choreograph (Anna Demidova is a good dancer, but she cannot conceptualize fun, exciting, challenging choreography).

In the end, it was Irvin in the bottom two dance-off against Louis Vito, the snowboarder who thought his dancing skills were a wee bit better than they actually were. The judges voted to keep Irvin on for another week.

I think they made the right choice, but as we head into week 7, Irvin doesn’t stand a chance against the more powerful performers ahead of him on the leaderboard. In better pro hands, Irvin might be a stronger contender. He’s got the heart and the dedication, but Demidova’s choreography can’t hold a candle to that of Derek Hough or Louis Van Amstel. Still, anything can happen this season, with scoring completely out of the realm of sensibility.