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Follow me if you like what you see

Social media-wise, I’ll operate this way:

My Twitter feed, @chicagosmusic, is my public space. I’ll tweet links to some of my stuff (not all of it, promise), music links I think are relevant to y’all, limited observations. Follow me, I’ll follow you. Bring it.

We’re talking about music, after all, so when there’s something to hear as well as kvetch about, I’ll tweet the song link (if available) through My feed there is also chicagosmusic, and it’s connected to Twitter. (For instance, the title of this blog post is a Jason Falkner allusion.)

But I don’t want to be your Facebook friend. No offense. I’ll keep that space for my actual friends, people I know, etc. Given that site’s recent privacy jacking, I might not even stay there much longer.