Patrick D. Thompson , stands near State and the Chicago River. Thompson is a member of the Daley family (Richard M.'s nephew) and is running for his first political office. | Al Podgorski~Chicago Sun-Times

It’s cupcake time ... Cavallari style.

SHARE It’s cupcake time ... Cavallari style.
SHARE It’s cupcake time ... Cavallari style.

To those of you nitwits who ingest every crumb of nonsense about pregnant, unmarried reality star Kristin Cavallari–who plans to marry fiance/Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler at some future date–I grudgingly offer you the following sweet tweets.

â—†The bodacious blonde, who sat as a judge on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars this week–called it “a preggers dream job” and told her Twitter followers: “Bring on the cupcakes.”

â—†The next day she tweeted she was getting visions of a Mexican L.A. eatery.

“Freakin’ Tito’s Tacos is stuck in my heeaaad noooo,” she Tweeted.

In the World of Tweetdom, this obviously takes the cake.

The Daley dossier …

Sneed hears former Mayor Richard Daley is taking no chances on his nephew losing an election.

â—†To wit: Sneed hears Daley is putting on the full court press to ensure the election of the NEXT Daley generation–specifically, Patrick D. (Daley) Thompson, his nephew–and son of his sister, Patricia Martino.

â—†Polls are showing Thompson’s bid for Metropolitan Water Reclamation commissioner is not in the bag.

â—†In an effort to ensure the continuation of the Daley legacy in Chicago, a huge “Patrick D. Thompson” billboard has been erected next to the Kennedy Expressway.

â—†Uncle Richie is enlisting the help of old war horses like former state legislator Bobby Molaro.

â—†Thompson, a lawyer, was spotted in deep conversation with popular gay rights activist Rick Garcia Tuesday morning, which, Sneed is told, was organized by his uncle.

â—†It doesn’t hurt that Uncle Richie is this/close to current Water Reclamation commissioner Frank Avila.

â—†It doesn’t hurt that Thompson, who now lives in the Daley’s legendary Bridgeport bungalow, is a very likeable fellow and hockey enthusiast who plays on a team that includes U.S. Congressman MikeQuigley, a former Cook County commissioner.

Stay tuned.


Remember “Gatling gums” William J. Kelly, the radio guy who accused Channel 2 newsman Jay Levine, a tough pro, of threatening to deck him during a press gathering? (Levine, of course, was found not guilty.)

â—†To wit: Kelly is not only running for 42nd ward Republican, but he’s enlisted the help of Dick Morris, Fox News contributor/former Clinton White House advisor, who is scheduled to attend his fundraiser/46th birthday party at the Signature Room in the John Hancock building.

The G-8 case …

It was her first public appearance and a sense of humor never hurts.

â—†To wit: Despite the fact a ton of “man” hours have gone down the drain in preparation for the abruptly canceled G-8 summit, Lori Healey, Chicago’s host committee chief, inserted a little levity while addressing the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Thursday.

â—†To wit: Healey noted her title has now been “slightly shortened” to executive director of the Chicago NATO host committee.

The Houston Chronicle …

$$$$: Although the late Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 19, was named the main beneficiary in her mother’s will–it’s not known how much was left in the trust before Houston’s untimely death in a hotel bathtub.

â—†At last peek, the estate had increased by nearly $1 million from the sale of her legendary songs after she died.

Ex-hubby, Bobby Brown, gets nada. Houston’s mother, Cissy, is reportedly the executor.

The kicker: The will, which was amended in 2000, does include her ex-husband if Bobbi dies.

Sneedlings …

An Eire note: Modie Lavin, mother of U.S. Marine Conner Lowry–who was killed in Afghanistan last week–will cut the ribbon for the South Side Irish Parade at 11 a.m. Sunday in memory of her son. “Parade Day was his favorite day of the year,” she said…Today’s birthdays: Charles Gibson, 69; Emmanuel Lewis, 41, and Corey McPherrin, priceless…Saturday’s birthdays: Sharon Stone, 54; JonHamm, 41; Dan Jiggetts, priceless.

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