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Ramble without Storm: Are eagles passe

COOK, Minn.–Mulling things on my morning ramble (without Storm, the family’s mixed Lab).

Crows again as I set out this morning. But it was early enough that when I crested the hill above Spring Bay Resort, I could hear a loon calling out on Lake Vermilion.

We are not in Kansas any more Dorothy.

Crows are the dominant noticeable piece of wildlife as I prefish for the Gil Hamm Memorial Chapter Challunge later this week with Steve Statland.

But there are loons and bald eagles too. These are not things I see at home on the morning rambles with the meathead.

In fact there are so many bald eagles, we no longer hardly notice them. For God’s sake, we have had eagles nesting in the Chicago city limits for years and more and more around the suburbs.

I remember only a few years ago when going on eagle trips to Starved Rock in the winter were must-dos for our family.

I am not certain if eagles becoming so common as to become passe are a good thing or not.

Speaking of things I do not see on rambles back home with the meathead, there is a series of beaver dams nearby. Depending where you live, you could see that back home, though I do not.

As I came back on the loop, I followed deer tracks along the edge of the road.

The Gil Hamm runs Wednesday through Friday. Chicagoland Muskie Hunters chapter of Muskies Inc. is the host, because they won last year.

I am part of the Grumpy Old Men team, one of five six-man teams from CMH. The other team members are Paul Hortenstine, Statland, Brent “Bert” Cunningham and twin brothers Bob and Don Roman.

I brought a little excitement to our lakeside cabin at Spring Bay Resort with catching a muskie yesterday on what has been slow prefishing so far.

More to come.