The Evening Rush for Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013

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Another inmate mistakenly released from Cook County Jail

Not again. This makes three times in 2013 that the Cook County Jail has mistakenly released an inmate. Jeremiah Harris, 25, was back in custody this afternoon after being let loose on Monday, but the sheriff’s office has a lot of explaining to do. [Sun-Times]

Ex-Stroger aide guilty of corruption

Eugene Mullins, 49, a former Chicago cop and longtime friend of former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, was found guilty of seven of eight corruption counts against him. [Sun-Times]

Stimulating, isn’t it?

The Federal Reserve is gonna keep on keepin’ on, buying up billions of dollars in bonds to stimulate the economy. Stocks surged to record highs on the news. [New York Times]

Payton annex

The prestigious Walter Payton College Prep will expand thanks to $17 million in TIF funds, adding up to 400 students at one of the nation’s highest-performing selective-enrollment schools. [Sun-Times]

Beanie billionaire busted

Ty Warner, the Oak Park legend behind the Beanie Babies toy line, is expected to pay a $53.5 million penalty in a tax-evasion case. [Sun-Times]

iPhone updates

Andy Ihnatko on what you need to know before downloading Apple’s new software, iOS 7. [Chicago Grid]

Emmys to look back

Sunday’s awards show will mark the 50th anniversaries of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and the Beatles’ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” 80 days later. [Voices]

Pizza! Pizza!

But we’re not talking Little Caesar’s, here. Chicagoist provides an awesome best-pies list that’s less democratically inane than recent efforts by TripAdvisor and the Huffington Post. [Chicagoist]

Don’t look up

You thought your day got off to a crappy start? At least you didn’t park under this notorious Lakeview tree. [DNAinfo Chicago]

The Bright One

“For Illinois’ Hamlet, it was not to be.” With a lead sentence like that, how could you not read Natasha Korecki and Fran Spielman’s analysis of Bill Daley’s surprise exit from the governor’s race? [Sun-Times]


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And finally

Aw, the Brookfield Zoo’s new snow leopard cub made its first public appearance. [Voices]

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