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Man wanted for walking up to strangers and urinating on them

Sometimes you just have to relieve yourself. And sometimes that just has to be in public. But it never should be done on a stranger.

Police in Gainesville, Fla. are looking for a man that has allegedly been walking up to people and urinating on them around the University of Florida campus, according to the Gainesville Sun.

The victims told the Gainesville Police Department they were standing with their backs turned to the man when they suddenly felt themselves being urinated upon, according to a GPD report.

When the victims confronted the suspect, he exposed himself and then ran off.

In an attempt to catch the serial leaker, police say they’ll be increasing patrols in the area.

While we don’t have any video of the serial leaker, we’re just going to toss in this very, very loosely related video of Justin Bieber:

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Justin Bieber — The Peeing Video

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