Cubs third baseman and his better half are almost finished with their thank you cards from their wedding. And if you were one of the many Cubs fans who sent the couple a wedding gift, you may find a letter from the two in the mail in the upcoming weeks.

Cubs fans sent Kris and Jess Bryant wedding gifts after they found the couple’s Crate and Barrel wedding registry.

Back in May, Jess shared a picture of the couple’s kitchen cabinets filled with plates, bowls and copper mugs, thanking fans for their generous gifts.

“Shoutout to all you amazing fans who sent us wedding gifts,” Jess wrote in the Instagram caption. “Everything in this photo all came from you guys, and we couldn’t be more thankful!!”

And the newlyweds, who tied the not in a private Las Vegas wedding in January, are keeping their promise.

Jess shared another picture on Instagram Tuesday; this time she promised the cards will be on their way shortly.

“I tried REALLY hard to make sure every single person who sent something got a note, but some came without invoices & some had no addresses attached,” Jess wrote. “I still want those who got missed…I hope not any…to know we greatly appreciate that you took the time to think of us and our marriage.”