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Photo gallery: Presidential dogs

George W. Bush’s dog, Miss Beazley, was just one of many to take up residence in the White House — and like many presidents, Bush had multiple dogs as president.

With Miss Beazley’s passing over the weekend, we figure it’s a good time to look back at some of the other four-legged friends who did their business on the South Lawn:

President George W. Bush, with his Scottish terrier Barney, and first lady Laura Bush, carrying her dog Miss Beazley, step down from Air Force One in 2005. | AP file photo

President Barack Obama pets the family dog, Bo. | AP file photo

President George W. Bush leans down to greet his dog, Spot, after arriving via Marine One helicopter on the South Lawn of the White House in 2001. | AP file photo

President Bill Clinton, accompanied by first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, daughter Chelsea and dog, Buddy, leave the White House in 1998. | Getty Images

President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan play with their new dog, Lucky. | AP file photo

As British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher walks alongside, Lucky walks President Ronald Reagan. | AP file photo

Caroline Kennedy, runs after her dog, Charlie, after he breaks loose at Andrews Air Force Base. | AP file photo

President Richard Nixon gets some nose to nose contact with King Timahoe, his Irish setter pet of president. | AP file photo

President Calvin Coolidge and first lady Grace Coolidge pose for a photo with their dog at the White House in 1924. | AP file photo