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How do you raise 28 kids? Michelle Bachmann uses buddy system

For Michelle Bachmann (R.-Minn.), having a house full of kids never was an issue. In fact, the more she had (five biological children, 23 foster children), the easier it got.

On an appearance on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family,” she said it’s simply a case of “the more you have, the more order you have in your house.”

“This is really what I wanted more than anything, was to be a happy mom in a big house,” Bachmann said. “That’s what I wanted — just to have a house full of kids.”

On average, she had nine children in her house at any given time — which is still a few less than the Duggar family — and says by using the buddy system, you can get more done with more children.

“You pair an older child with a younger child and everyone has their chores,” Bachmann said. “You can literally get the house clean within 20 minutes.”

Bachmann pointed out that while foster children have historically low high school graduation rates, “all the kids graduated.”

She also showed off her napkin folding skills:

h/t: ABC News