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Doc Brown wants to throw out the first pitch during a Cubs World Series

Almost 30 years ago “Back to the Future Part II” predicted the Cubs would win the World Series in 2015. Now, only eight wins away, fans are hoping the prediction comes to fruition.

If the Cubs do advance through the NLCS and reach the World Series, one of the stars from the movie franchise wants to be apart of the action.

Christopher Lloyd, who played Doctor Emmett Brown, told The Hollywood Reporter he’d love to be on hand if the Cubs reach the World Series.

If Chicago makes it to the World Series, Lloyd said it would fun to throw out the first pitch. “Maybe it’ll happen. We’ll see,” he says. “They got to get there first.”

So far, the Cubs have used the ceremonial first pitch to honor former players. However, if they advance, Lloyd may have an opportunity.

According to the scene from the movie, the characters find out about the Cubs winning the World Series on Oct. 22. Conveniently, that’s the same day the Cubs are set to host Game 5 of the NLCS.

The Cubs find out who they will be playing in the NLCS Thursday night when the Dodgers and Mets finish their deciding Game 5.