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Chris Rock mirrors Hollywood chatter about Sony hacking

Recent comments by Chris Rock about the Sony hacking being very scary are similar to those I’m hearing from all kinds of major Hollywood players. At a Wednesday event hosted by the New York Times, the actor and comedian — there to basically promote his own “Top Five” film — said he and his fellow industry friends and colleagues are “scared” about the situation.

“Read my emails,” said Rock, whose film was produced by Scott Rudin, himself at the center of the leaking of embarrassing and insulting emails. “I say offensive things for a living.”

The entertainer also said the whole issue of leaked emails is upsetting, whether those messages are racist, sexist or merely lighthearted.

“This whole thing is just scary, man,” Rock noted. “It’s emails, it’s your private stuff, and the whole town is scared. Everybody’s got to be scared … nobody knows what to do.”

Rock even alluded to the scandal involving former Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was ousted this past year after a racist rant of his was leaked online. “You say the wrong thing — you see what happened to Donald Sterling,” Rock said in the talk. “I think he’s a bastard and all that stuff, but again, I say inappropriate things for a living. So when I see a guy lose his property over what he said in private, that’s scary.” Rock made it clear he was NOT defending Sterling, “but if that’s not the First Amendment, then what the f— is? And what did he say, ‘I don’t want my girlfriend hanging out with black basketball players.’ Me neither!”