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Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler are first backcourt to outscore Warriors this season

Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler were the first backcourt to outscore the Splash Brothers this season. | AP

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The Bulls may have won the battle but they lost the war—big time.

Much of the hype going into the Warriors-Bulls game on Wednesday night focused on the backcourt matchup between Steph Curry and Klay Thompson vs. Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler.

There is no debating that Curry and Thompson are the NBA’s best backcourt, averaging a combined 50.2 points per game while leading the Warriors to a 39-4 record.

But, when they’re at their best—as they were last night—Rose and Butler (37.8 ppg combined) can play with anyone.

The Bulls guard combo did something no other backcourt has done all season. Playing one less minute, Rose (29) and Butler (23) outscored Curry (25) and Thompson (20), holding the Splash Brothers five points under their combined season average.

While Rose and Butler held up their end, the rest of the Bulls were outscored by the Warriors 80-42 in the 125-94 loss.