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Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte among Top 5 most-searched fantasy athletes

How hot is NFL fantasy football? Well, let’s just say that all but three of the Top 50 most-searched athletes for fantasy sports play in the NFL, according to fantasy site Rotoworld.

Chicago Bears Alshon Jeffery (3rd) and Matt Forte (5th) were among the Top 5 on Rotoworld’s list, which skews heavily toward productive players who likely sustained some sort of injury.

The three basketball players to make Rotoworld’s Top 50 were Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving.

Kris Bryant was the No. 1 most-trafficked fantasy baseball player, but still couldn’t crack the Top 50 for the seven sports Rotoworld measured.

Other Chicago notables: Derrick Rose, 9th in NBA; Patrick Kane 3rd in NHL; Carlos Rodon 16th in MLB;

Rotoworld’s Top 50 most-trafficked fantasy athletes

1. Arian Foster (NFL)

2. Marshawn Lynch (NFL)

3. Alshon Jeffery (NFL)

4. T.J. Yeldon (NFL/CFB)

5. Matt Forte (NFL)

6. Charcandrick West (NFL)

7. C.J. Spiller (NFL)

8. Brandon LaFell (NFL)

9. Eddie Lacey (NFL)

10. C.J. Anderson (NFL)

11. Devonta Freeman (NFL)

12. LeSean McCoy (NFL)

13. Tevin Coleman (NFL/CFB)

14. Carlos Hyde (NFL)

15. Antonio Gates (NFL)

16. Todd Gurley (NFL/CFB)

17. Chris Ivory (NFL)

18. DeMarco Murray (NFL)

19. Matt Jones (NFL/CFB)

20. David Cobb (NFL/CFB)

21. Ameer Abdullah (NFL/CFB)

22. Adrian Peterson (NFL)

23. Andre Ellington (NFL)

24. Latavius Murray (NFL)

25. Dion Lewis (NFL)

26. Duke Johnson (NFL/CFB)

27. Le’Veon Bell (NFL)

28. T.Y. Hilton (NFL)

29. Joseph Randle (NFL)

30. Justin Forsett (NFL)

31. Kevin Durant (NBA)

32. Joique Bell (NFL)

33. Christine Michael (NFL)

34. John Brown (NFL)

35. Karlos Williams (NFL/CFB)

36. Mike Evans (NFL)

37. Sam Bradford (NFL)

38. Dez Bryant (NFL)

39. Julian Edelman (NFL)

40. Austin Seferian-Jenkins (NFL)

41. Darren McFadden (NFL)

42. Lamar Miller (NFL)

43. Melvin Gordon (NFL/CFB)

44. Tre Mason (NFL)

45. Anthony Davis (NBA)

46. Davante Adams (NFL)

47. Tom Brady (NFL)

48. Victor Cruz (NFL)

49. Kyrie Irving (NBA)

50. Ben Roethlisberger (NFL)

Rotoworld says they averaged 5.25 million unique users per month last year, an increase of 14 percent over 2014.