Sneed: Mike Ditka to call ‘Play Ball’ at Cubs game tonight

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Mike Ditka before a Cubs game in 2005.

The Ditka factor . . .

Holy Cow!

Legendary former Bears coach Mike Ditka, who will make the Chicago Cubs “Play Ball!” call tonight during Game 1 of the National League Division series, tells Sneed: “I might even add: “Go Cubs Go!”

“Hey, I’ve been a Cubs fan ever since I came to Chicago and started hanging out with Ernie [Banks] and Billy [Williams],” said Ditka, who claims he began as a St. Louis Cardinals fan because of his love for slugger Stan “The Man” Musial.

“So when the Cubs asked me to call “Play Ball,” I asked them if they wanted me to do it in German, Spanish, French or Taiwanese,” chirped Ditka.

“They told me I could do it in any language I wanted to as long as I did it,” he told Sneed.

“Right now I’m a happy man. Nothing drives me crazy anymore. I had a good workout this morning. And I’m getting ready for the game by sitting on the couch, watching a woman’s golf tournament [with his wife, Diana] and smokin’ a cigar.

“How’s that for getting to a point in your life when it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. And I’m still pulling for the Bears as hard as I can.”

Ditka claims he plans to wear a Cubs jersey tonight; his “trusty cigar lighter,”  and several pens. “I always seem to be asked for an autograph,” he said.

Da Coach also regularly carries one lucky coin in his pocket — and recently added a second one.

“One is a small gold piece. And the newest addition to my pocket is a ‘Trump’ coin,” added Ditka, a huge fan of the GOP presidential candidate.

He stressed the Cubs don’t need any lucky charms in the playoffs.

“Hey, the Cubs don’t need me to bring these coins for luck. They’re the best team in baseball.”

Hmm.  Now how did Donald Trump manage to get into this story?

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