Keep America out of a senseless fight

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The civil war in the Middle East is rapidly redrawing the artificial boundaries established by the World War I victors to grab the Arab oil jackpot. Iraq and Syria, like Humpty Dumpty, have been shattered, and cannot be put back together again. But it’s not our fight, even though we’ve already killed thousands in thousands of airstrikes.SEND LETTERS TO EDITOR: to

Now, U.S. war promoters are exploiting the tragic death of American ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller to sanction our newest Middle East senseless slaughter with congressional passage of an Authorization to Use Military Force. To paraphrase writer Gertrude Stein: “A senseless war is a senseless war . . . is a senseless war.”Walt Zlotow, Glen EllynCompelling editorialThe editorial regarding keeping guns out of the Cook County Forest Preserves was irrefutably compelling. These forest preserves should be peaceful nature habitats wherein wildlife species can thrive in safety. The majority of people who use the forest preserves appreciate them as green and pristine havens of serenity. The introduction of guns into the forest preserves would inevitably result in tragic homicides and the inhumane shootings of deer, raccoons, possums, chipmunks and other wildlife that find refuge in the preserves.  Brien Comerford, GlenviewFollow the rulesI was president of Justice-Willow Springs Little League in 2001 and managed a state championship team in 2002. I know the rules. You are absolutely allowed to play out of district in the regular season and even combine leagues. It is only at tournament time that boundaries are enforced.Gary Bjorklund, Justice

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