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Sneed: Trump puts Chicago lunch guests on the spot

At a luncheon in Chicago on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump asked everyone at the table who his running mate should be. | Sun-Times files

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All in the family?The table was round.

The Donald was presiding.

And the rich Republican fat cats who’d paid huge to lunch with Trump at the Trump Hotel on Tuesday were having such fun.

Pull up a chair.

Donald Trump, who raised about $1 million at the fundraiser lunch hosted by Trump Illinois Victory chairman Ron Gidwitz, wanted to play a game.

It was called: “Who do you think I ought to pick as my running mate?”

“It caught everyone off guard,” said a source who was seated at the table of 35 plus donors. “The result was a roundtable discussion chaired by Mr. Trump asking each person who they’d choose.”

The winner?

“I’d say [Former House Speaker] Newt Gingrich,” the source said.

“Of course, the donors either loved or hated Gingrich. Trump’s question caught everybody by surprise. It seemed to startle Ron Gidwitz, who wasn’t expecting it.

So who came in second?

“I believe it was Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.”

So here’s the kicker.


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Sneed has learned The Donald’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, was also tossed into the mix.


“Mr. Trump’s son, Eric, was also seated at the table,” the source said.

“So Trump shouted at him across the table, “‘Who is my favorite child?”

“Ivanka,” Eric responded.

“Who should be my vice president?” Trump asked him.

“Ivanka!” Eric responded.

Trump’s response.

A nod and a smile.

• Backshot: The luncheon gathering was primarily composed of rich donors like Waste Management’s Peter Huizenga, although top GOP committeeman Eloise Gerson and Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar a GOP delegate — were there.

So how did the Trump fete fate?

“The chocolate mousse dessert was amazing, and Trump was very personable and engaging,” the source said.

“He laughed, he joked and he looked everybody in the eye like Ronald Reagan did. I think everybody was pretty impressed.”

Ai ai Adele . . .


The singer Adele, whose tour hit town this week, found a place to hide away with her crew last week: an underground bar at Sushi Dokku in the West Loop.

Sneed is told the boffo songstress, who had made a reservation for 20, arrived incognito and requested the basement last Thursday.

Reserving under a false name, Sneed is told Adele, whose concerts were at the United Center, did not request VIP service or demand it.

“You barely knew it was Adele,” a speakeasy patron said.

“She was dressed in a blouse and jeans, no makeup and if bodyguards hadn’t been part of the group you’d never have known she was there,” the patron said.

“Although the bodyguards wouldn’t let anyone near her, the buzz was there. It was dark, the perfect place to hide away, a place to go where you don’t want to be seen, and she and her crew entered through a back alley lit by a red arrow.”

Adele, who dined on tempura, tuna truffle and a Godzilla sushi, also drank the bar’s signature sakirita and returned Friday night for more of the same.

Talk about “Chasing Pavements!”

I spy . . .

Former Chicago Bulls guard Ron Harper, spotted at Harry Caray’s Water Tower Place restaurant with a group of youth basketball players and friends Tuesday night. . . . Sting and Peter Gabriel at Gene and Georgetti on Friday night dining at their usual corner booth after their show at the United Center.

Sneedlings . . .

Pew news: Congrats to Father William Woestman, a much revered priest at Holy Name Cathedral and member of the same religious order (O.M.I) as the late Cardinal Francis George, on 60 years of service to others. . . . Today’s birthdays: Conor McGregor, 28; Jane Lynch, 56, and Vito Burdi, ageless.

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