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Man missing from West Ridge

Richard Richardson | Chicago Police photo

An elderly man with a tracheostomy who uses an oxygen machine has been reported missing from the West Ridge neighborhood on the North Side.

Richard Richardson, 54, was last seen shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday leaving a residential care facility in the 2400 block of West Touhy, according to a missing person alert from police.

Richardson was described as a black man who stands 5-foot-7 and weighs 130 pounds, police said. He is balding and has brown eyes and a dark complexion.

He has a tracheostomy — an opening in his windpipe to help him breathe easier — and uses an oxygen tank, police said. He also uses a four-pronged cane to walk.

Richardson was last seen wearing a powder blue-colored shirt, black pants and black shoes, police said.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call police at (312) 744-8266.