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Willie Reed acquired by the Bulls for Jameer Nelson and will be waived

Willie Reed is going to be traded to the Bulls, according to Yahoo Sports. | Carlos Osorio/Associated Press

There was a reason Jameer Nelson was acquired last week in the Nikola Mirotic trade with New Orleans, and then kept away from the media and full contact in practices.

Bulls sources confirmed a report that Nelson was traded to Detroit Thursday morning, with troubled big man Willie Reed coming back in return. However, Reed, who was suspended for six games by the league after a domestic violence incident, will be waived.

What the Bulls did get in the deal was a swapping of future second-round draft rights with the Pistons.

Like they did with Nelson, the Bulls are still trying to move Tony Allen – also acquired in the Mirotic deal – or could simply waive him when the deadline passes at 2 p.m.

As far as the likes of Robin Lopez, Justin Holiday and Jerian Grant possibly being moved, a source said the morning market was cold on all three, but the situation was obviously fluid.