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Lawsuit over LL Beans’ new return policy tossed out

A federal judge has dismissed an Illinois man's lawsuit targeting L.L. Bean's new return policy. | AP file photo

A federal judge has dismissed an Illinois man’s lawsuit targeting L.L. Bean’s new return policy.

The judge ruled that Victor Bondi failed to establish that he’d suffered a loss or was dissatisfied with the boots he bought in 2017 before the Maine-based retailer announced the return policy change.

The company says items purchased before Feb. 9, 2018, are not subject to the revised policy so long as there’s proof of purchase. Going forward, there’s a one-year limit for returns of most purchases.

Bondi’s lawyers didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment Tuesday.

L.L. Bean spokeswoman Carolyn Beem tells the Bangor Daily News that the June 28 ruling confirmed the retailer’s view that the lawsuit was without merit.


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