Kristin Cavallari to Jay Cutler: ‘What do you do all day?’

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Kristin Cavallari asked her husband, former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, what he does all day. | Paul Beaty/Associated Press

Jay Cutler won’t say whether or not he is officially retired from football — not even to his wife, Kristin Cavallari.

In a recent teaser for “Very Cavallari,” a reality show on E! that focuses on Cavallari’s life as an entrepreneur, Cutler contemplates his impending retirement.

Cutler was reportedly planning to retire from football before last season rolled around. But then, the Dolphins called him in a desperate attempt to fill the void left by injured Ryan Tannehill.

Although it’s expected that 2017 was Cutler’s final NFL season, the former Bears quarterback wouldn’t tell Cavallari that he’s “100 percent” done with football. Rather, he gave an uncertain response of “probably.”

Cavallari didn’t appear amused, and Cutler said he’ll likely know for sure by September — basically meaning he won’t admit he’s done until he’s not on an NFL roster for the first game of the season.

Here’s how the conversation between Cutler and Cavallari went:

Cavallari: What’s on tap for you today? Cutler: I’ve got a big 2:30 appointment. Cavallari: Picking up boys from school. Cutler: Getting the boys from school … Cavallari: Uh huh … Cutler: … I wanna be first in line … Cavallari: Always. Cutler: … And beat all the other moms there. Cavallari: Like honestly, what do you do all day? Cutler: I like to keep myself pretty free, so if something does pop up … Cavallari: Ready to go Cutler: … Bounce right into it. Cavallari: So, do you think that you’re 100 percent done with football? Cutler: I mean — I can’t say 100. Probably. Cavallari: When will you know if you’re 100 percent? Cutler: September … Cavallari: Yeah — like the first football game? Cutler: Yeah. Cavallari: You have to realize how many sacrifices I’ve had to make over the eight football seasons we’ve been together. So now, you need to support what I have going on. This is my football. This is my turn.

Cavallari’s reality show will premier Sunday at 9 p.m.

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