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State police to implement online DNA kit tracking system by 2020

Sun-Times file photo

Survivors of sexual assault in Illinois will soon be able to track their rape kits online without compromising privacy.

An online sexual assault tracking system is in creation by the state’s Division of Forensic Services, according to Illinois State Police.

The system will allow survivors to monitor their rape kits online as they move through the process — from collection at the hospital, through law enforcement pick-up and submission to the forensic lab and lastly to the state’s attorney’s office where final results are received, the agency said.

It also aims to give survivors more transparency throughout the testing process without compromising their privacy. Illinois State Police acting director Brendan Kelly hopes that by making this data more available, other stakeholders may develop new procedures or pass legislation to speed up the process of collecting evidence from rape kits.

“Delays in DNA testing are greater and more complex than simply speeding up the test itself,” Kelly said, “But by completely laying bare the process from start to finish, I know all stakeholders involved will see many steps that can be taken, both inside and outside the lab, which will reduce turn-around time.”

To ensure privacy, each case will be given a unique number and password so that only survivors and law enforcement will have access to the information.

The system should be implemented by the end of the year.