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Chilly, breezy weekend to give way to weekday temps in the 60s

A wind advisory — with possible gusts up to 45 mph — is set to expire Sunday afternoon.

Blue Island resident Rene Padilla died after trying to rescue one of daughters Thursday in Lake Michigan near the 31st Street Beach. | Chicago Sun-Times file photo.
Temperatures will remain in the 30s Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020, until heating up during the week.
Sun-Times file photo

Chicago is expected to break free from the cold and blustery weather at the end of the weekend.

Temperatures will rise Monday to nearly 50 degrees, and should reach the 60s each day after through Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

“Though today will be unseasonably cold with strong winds, a warming trend will commence on Monday,” the weather service said on Twitter.

“The upcoming week, and possibly next weekend, will feature unseasonably warm conditions for early November with highs in the 60s most days.”

Until then, Chicago residents will endure a windy Sunday, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees by mid-day.

A wind advisory — with possible gusts up to 45 mph — is set to expire 2 p.m. Sunday.

While a risk of lakeshore flooding in Illinois remains “limited,” Porter County, Indiana, could see waves 14-feet tall, the weather service said.

On Thursday, Chicago recorded a 41 mph wind gust at O’Hare Airport and lakeshore waves 10-feet tall.